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Online Safari Booking in Kanha

For adventure lovers and to explore the wild life nicely,Kanha National Park is the best place. Apart from the different species of wild animals, Kanha national park is the combination of Sal forest, lovely grassy meadows and dense bamboo. The beauty of Kanha National Park is mesmerizing and whoever visit this park becomes speechless. The beauty of this Kanha National Park is so attractive that the tourists from different corners of the world visit this park as per their suitability. This national park has got the name of ‘Best Tourism Friendly National Park’, so a large number of tourists globally gets attracted round the year except from July to September.

Any tourist can make use of Madya Pradesh/ Maharashtra Booking Portal, for Safari booking. There are morning and evening safari rides to explore the Kanha National Park. As per the season, the time of the safari rides get change. It depends upon the time of sunrise and sun set. On every Wednesday, the safari ride in Kanha National Park remain closed for every tourist round the year.

Online safari bookings and its Requirements:

  • Tourists have to mention his or her complete name, who wants to visit Kanha National Park.
  • Nationality of the tourists.
  • Gender & Age of the tourists.
  • I D Card. Tourists interested in visiting the national park, must have to carry the same original ID proof whose details have been given at the time of safari booking.
  • Driving license, Voter or Pan Card, Passport, Aadhar Card can be used as identity proof.
  • Online Safari booking has numbers of packages which includes the charges of Jeep, guide and Driver charges, permit charges, charges to carry one camera, charges for receiving and dropping up to the booked hotel, service charges and processing charge. Entire payment of these charges, you have to make at the time of booking your safari ride only.
  • As per the choice of tourists, the terms and conditions for receiving and dropping to the hotel/resort/ reception is to be selected at the time of online safari booking only.

A tourist has to book his or her safari ride after choosing the particular gate and the selection of that exclusive zone from where you want to explore the jungle in that particular time. After making online selection, you cannot change your gate or zone. For that particular zone, safari permit will be issued to you and you have to move with that safari permit in that particular zine and gate only. The exit gate will be the same from the gate on which you have make your entry. The vehicle or gypsy charges are different for different type of bookings and one has to pay it accordingly.

Safari rides are followed by some strict rules and regulation amidst the jungle and one has to follow these rules and so it is not allowed to get down from vehicles during your safari ride, while exploring the forest and every safari guide are aware of that rules and regulations. The visitors have to follow the safari guides instructions

One has to produce the documents of identification before the safari ride at the entry gate. The IDs must be the same which are used at the time of online safari booking. You can make use of driving license/ passport/pan card etc as your ID proof. Foreigners have to show original passport while making entry in Kanha National Park before your safari ride. These ID proofs must be the same original one, the details of which has been submitted at the time of online safari booking of Kanha.

Time of Safari Rides:

  • Morning Jeep safari: 6.00 AM to 11.00AM (entry is allowed until 8.00 AM)
  • Morning Jeep safari: 6.00 AM to 11.00AM (entry is allowed until 8.00 AM).

Best Season to Visit Kanha National Park:

  • Peak Season (Oct -Dec): it is the peak season. Weather in this season is suitable and spotting of Tiger is good in this peak season but visiting Kanha in this season is little bit expensive
  • High Season (Jan-Mar): weather is good in this Season. Sightings of wild animals are also nice and rates are also reasonable. Maximum tourists choose this period to explore Kanha
  • Summer (Apr-Jun): Rates are high in this season, weather is hot but sightings of the wild animals are good.
  • Monsoon (Jul-Sep): weather is Rainy and pleasant. Descent sightings of animals and the rates are also comfortable.

Different Types of Safari Rides:

  • Daylong Safari Ride-Exclusive Zone: you have to book exclusive Jeep Safari which accommodates its maximum limit of six persons and that too for whole day in the zone where possibilities of sightings of wild animal is good.
  • Restricted Safari-Exclusive Zone: you have to book exclusive gypsy for your group and are permitted to explore the national park for that zone only for which you have booked your safari ride. Each of the safari ride is accompanied by an expert guide and the duration of the safari ride is of 4 hours.
  • Basically, the duration of each safari ride is of 3-4 hours except full day safari. One safari ride is in the morning and another safari ride happens in the afternoon. So, its up to you that for how many safari rides, you are interested. In a day, you can go for two safari rides. You have to book the details while making your online safari booking in Kanha.

Procedure of Online Safari Booking:

  • You have to make use ofMP govt Portal before making your online safari booking.
  • you have to select the numbers of tourists which includes numbers of adults, children, male, female while making your online booking.
  • you have to make selection of the number of days which you want to spentinKanha National Park Tour and the safari ride. Details of trip duration is must.
  • you have to select and mention the details the of accommodations also. It is must to mention,where you want to stay and in which category of hotel and resort you want to stay? You have to fill the details while making your online safari booking.
  • The selection of the season is must in which you want to explore the Park. You have to choose the dates on which you want to visit the Kanha and explore the park. You have to choose either single seat permit or full vehicle permit.
  • There are various types of safari rides in different zones. You have to make selection of everything choose while making your online safari booking and it will be your final choice. You must pick the Zone/Gate which has the maximum possibilities of tiger sightings. It can easily be done with the help of app. You should choose the zone/gate which has maximum Tiger Sighting Index (TSI) Numbers of other requirements are there which must be filled in details before making your online safari booking in Kanha.
  • Before making the final payment, entire information about the guests must be filled.
  • After making payment, your booking is finished and you have to print the voucher of your transaction and that voucher must be present at the entrance of safari gate before 30 minutes of the exact time of the safari ride.

Advices and Important Tips for Booking Kanha Jeep Safari:

  • Don’t book your two safari rides from different gates in a same day as the distance between the two gates of the national park is 60kms otherwise you have to face disappointment and you will regret only.
  • If you want to have a comfortable ride, then try to have four persons only in a jeep safari ride. Though a jeep safari can accommodate six persons in a single ride. In six persons, the ride becomes slightly uncomfortable and tough.
  • It is essential to carry the hard copy of the voucher before entering in the gate for safari ride otherwise you have to face disappointment, if you will carrythe soft copy of the voucher. Without hard copy, you will not be allowed to enter into the gate.
  • You have to carry original IDs otherwise you will have to miss your safari ride and it will give you a great disappointment.
  • Jungle safari offers you an opportunity to explore the beautiful jungle of Kanha nicely and while exploring the Kanha jungle you will come across the beautiful faunas which are just incredible.
  • KanhaNational Park remains closed from 16 th June till 1st ofOctober every year.
  • The timings for the safari rides are fixed. There are morning and evening safari rides.Morning safari ride starts from 6:00am to 11:00 am and evening safari ride starts from 3pm to 6 pm.
  • On spot booking in Kanha National Park is not possible. So, visitors in order to avoid any type of disappointment, they secure their jungle trail by online Kanha safari booking well in advance.
  • Once the online safari booking of Kanha National Park is done, then any type of modification is just impossible.
  • If for any reasonany jeep for safari rideis not available which was booked then within two days, the entire booking amount will be refunded to the tourists.
  • Even for slight modification, the time or for cancellation of permit, or if there are any unavoidable circumstances then only Forest authority has the right to do so. In such type of cases the decision of the forest Department will be treated full and final